Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My morning adventure walk.

Inspired by Mary-Beth at Salt and Chocolate (see sidebar for link), I've decided to leave the car and go exploring neighbourhoods on foot. I chose somewhere pretty fabulous for my first one. This is Chilham. It is a village that is quite popular with tourists, historians and and this Square has featured in television productions including Miss Marple and Jane Austen's Emma. I have lots of pictures today....
Hope and I started our 'adventure' in The Square. There are lots of old, Tudor houses here. Hope is sitting outside this gorgeous English tea room.

There is a lovely gift shop in The Square, too.

Lots of delightful things...

including Nigella Lawson kitchenware!

We then ventured down one of the lanes leading out of The Square which meandered slowly out into the countryside. There are many more lovely houses and gardens to see. I would have liked to stand in front of them and take photos but was a bit worried that their owners might set an Alsatian, or something worse, on me. I'm sure I wouldn't be too keen to see tourists outside my house taking photos. (Which reminds me: Google Earth has caused some ructions by doing just that. Photographing everyones' house and displaying them on the internet. My mother is furious that my brother, who lives in Australia, was able to google her house and tell her that her guttering needed attention!)

However, on passing a beautiful garden, I bent down to photograph these lovely flowers....

...and spotted this curious notice nestled amongst them!

Further along the lane... a mysterious door in a wall. Could Mary and Dickon be playing behind it? I did see a robin too, honestly, but it flew away before I could take a picture.
By now it was so quiet and the baby and I could distinctly hear the sound of a cuckoo.

This is where I saw the robin, perched on this gate. What a view!

I peeped through some iron railings to get this picture of the castle and grounds. Wow!

Hear, hear! Nothing spoils a nice walk like doggy doings!
Well. I really enjoyed that. I returned home rosy-cheeked and very hungry! Can't wait for the next adventure.

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