Thursday, 6 May 2010

Small successes


1.) (Quite a big success, actually) I voted in the General Election. I haven't done this for many years. However this time I've made the effort to research the manifestos and while I (like most people, I should imagine) can't find a party that fully represents what I'd like for this country, I did come to a conclusion. Without being specific (!) I decided that while I think Gordon Brown possibly has the best strategy for coping with the recession; to vote for what I believe in the most and that would be marriage and the family unit. Even though, rather pessimistically, I think it is probably too late to bring British society back to the ideal of marriage, I felt that it was right to support it with my vote. I think the Government could save a lot of money spent on benefits and 'initiatives' to improve the welfare and prospects of deprived children if they simply supported married couples who work hard to support their families and inspire their children.

2.) I've managed to organise some bits and pieces for Honor's 'Little House' birthday party at the weekend, including getting a CD called 'The Best of Country Fiddle'.

3.) I've slept quite well!

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