Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bon soir!

Oui, c'est un soir bon.

Just getting in the mood for the impending Eurovision Song Contest later this month. Yes. May is the month for many great things; typically devoted to Mary, bluebells, putting out the summer bedding flowers, my birthday, Honor-May's birthday (and that is how I chose her name... in honor of Mary) and... the Eurovision Song Contest. Well - I like it, okay?
Anyway. Hubby and I are still busy, busy, busy, preparing for our lovely little half-pint's party tomorrow. I've just finished preparing the wordsearches while watching Britain's Got Talent and Hubby is cooking more drumsticks and sausages... because when they came out of the oven they smelled so good we scoffed a few too many!
Honor had another party to go to today. T'was a skating party. There she is looking a little worried. I sent Henry over to Grandma's for a sleepover (so we could get a bit more done.) When I popped in later he came to the door wearing her gold earrings! Bless!


  1. Oh goodness! Eurovision is a bit of a weakness of mine to be honest (but shhh! lol) - some of the songs leave me almost hysterical with laughter. I do miss Terry Wogan's everso-slightly sarcastic commentary though! :)

    PS - I can only make this comment using my blogger id .... don't really use that any more - oh well!

  2. I miss Terry too. But I think in the end, being slightly sarcastic just wasn't enough for that poor, exasperated man!

  3. lol! No, I think he'd just about had enough (especially of the fixed voting)!