Friday, 28 May 2010

We've been here before.

Yes. Another INSET day (teacher development day) and another trip to Manston airport. There are two museums there. Last time we visited only one of them was open. This time we got to look around the second one. We did have to pay but it was only £1 for adults and 50p for the kids. (Under 5's free). It was very exciting too. Much more to see.
The gift shop in the first museum was better though. I bought a CD of songs from the 1940's film and tv. It includes Norman Wisdom's 'Don't laugh at me'. Funny that - we were watching him only the other day when Henry was off sick from school.

Henry really loved this museum. You can actually look right into the fighter planes. They had some mock-up rooms from the 1940's too. I like that kind of thing. A kitchen was laid out with the food that was rationed in those days and games like monopoly that they played too. You could hear singing and Honor asked why they were singing when it was so terrible so we talked about the things people did in those days to keep their spirits up.

After lunch we moved onto Minnis Bsy for a bit of beachcombing. I had expected it to be quite cool on the seafront but it was very hot, with barely any breeze.

We collected a few souvenirs including these razor clam shells. I have a book called 'Homemade' that Honor likes looking at. It shows how to make a candle holder out of these shells so she saw these and wants to have a go at making one. I think we may need to go and collect some more later this week.
On the way home we stopped at Whitstable. Whitstable is a beautiful seaside town with lots of nice shops, restaurants and places to buy fish. We picked up some crab, jellied eels (Honor's idea!) and sea bream from the quay to have later... with some ice-cold sauvignon blanc! Mmmmmm.

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