Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Looking forward.

Half term is coming up soon.
I love the holidays.
So I have been thinking about what to get up to.
I could just leave the kids to it - they are very good at creating their own entertainment, but we also enjoy having a focus. I had a look at the website of the Maidstone Museum earlier. It is a very good place to take children... and free! Next week they are organising some workshops around the 1940's wartime childhood. So there it is. Our theme for next week.
I've also been looking at books and dvds that fit in with this and am considering buying 'Carrie's War' and/or 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. Perhaps we'll try out some wartime recipes, too. I've just been reading a little of an interesting blog by a lady who is living on wartime rations in a bid to lose weight. She has some recipes on there to try.
Here is the link:


  1. Wow how interesting. You could go for a walk and look at the pillboxes (unless you see them every day!) maybe with a picnic. The lion the witch and the wardrobe concerned evacuated children. You could also maybe do some activites pretending you were blacked out- so by candlelight or something. Looking forward to hearing how it went

  2. Hello CC!
    Yes - Honor has just done a creative writing exercise at school with the Lion, witch and wardrobe as the stimulus. (They had to invent another world/land that they'd like to visit. Honor thought of chocolate world!)
    The kids went to a war museum today. The remembered a film they've seen before called The Water Horse which also involves evacuee children.
    I like the blackout idea. I think that would be fun.

  3. I am now going to spend some happy time thinking about a chocolate world.....