Monday, 24 May 2010

My birthday

On Saturday it was my birthday - and one of the best so far! We went out for a lovely cooked breakfast, had lunch at a medieval fair and Hubby made mexican food and margaritas for our friends later that evening.

Here I am having my lunch at the medieval fair. Not the usual burgers and candyfloss (though they were available), but lovely trout with pearl barley and yogurt. It was delicious. The baby thought so too!

Henry LOVES bows and arrows. He waited very patiently in line for a long time to get a turn at the archery with this very nice dutch man.

And later, Hubby bought them these wooden swords.

I got some lovely things too. Lots of beautiful flowers...

some towels from Mum and Hubby bought me and old 1950's style kitchen cupboard which I've been busy painting. I'll post a picture of that later. I got a few quid, too. That is going in a kitty to pay for a badly needed new shed for the garden.

My friends came over for some fab food, margeritas and.... some karaoke!
A very lovely day.
Thanks everyone... especially Hubby xxx

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