Monday, 17 May 2010


I like potatoes. I don't mind peeling them, but it is a bit time consuming and I prefer not to do it every day.
Like most people I look for ways to cut costs and time to leave more time and money for other things. Once every month I do a big order, on-line, from Sainsburys. That way I make sure I have all my essentials 'til next pay day and get free delivery. (And I don't have to drag a bored toddler around the supermarket for too long). I always go through their 'basics' range first. Some months ago I came across their bag of instant mashed potato. I can't remember the price but it is something like 20p! So I thought I'd buy a bag to keep in the cupboard for emergencies... like when we get snowed in. But since actually trying it, well, I now use it - a lot! Instant mash has apparently come a long way in the last ten years. I can hardly tell the difference from the real thing, especially if it has gravy on it. It is so quick and easy to do and one packet easily makes enough for 2 separate meals for 5 people.
If all that sounds a bit tacky, well, I would also like to 'big up' baby new potatoes for almost the same reason. They are not as thrifty, but they are easy to prepare - just wash, cut up and boil - and they are delicious with some lamb chops. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

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