Sunday, 30 May 2010

Le Royaume Uni...nil points!

Well almost. Poor old UK came last in the Eurovision Song Contest last night.
I hardly ever go out, but last night I was invited to a friends house for a girly evening. She is a long, lost schoolfriend I recently discovered thanks to Facebook!
I asked her via, Facebook, if we'd be watching the aforementioned competition. My comment was seen by some of the other attendees, (I hadn't met any of the other 'girlies') and so I was introduced as 'the one who wanted to watch the Eurovision Song Contest' which seemed to be a source of amusement to them! No. They didn't indulge my request. I did have a nice time though and listened to the results in the car on the way home. I caught the winning song, Germany, when I got back. I thought it seemed vaguely in the same vein as the Lily Allen/Paloma Faith styles that is popular nowadays. What did we have to offer? Oh yeah, a not-exactly-Stock, Aitken and Waterman composition a la eighties style. Well, I love the eighties, but really! Don't think we deserved to come last. Maybe it's because we should know better.
Other news:
Argos is selling tipi's half price. I think I'll get the small 2 person one (£25) for the garden. I have made them for the kids before and they love playing in them so maybe they'll enjoy that for half term and beyond. Should be more sturdy and practical than the ones I've made.
Hubby has just bought a chimenea for the bottom of the garden.
I'm going to go and sit with him now and watch the sun go down....

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  1. Congratulation on your night out! I have just started to go out and hopefully meet new friends. We go out for Indian on our Brit Chick Curry Night!It appears one thing British people have in common is they all love curry!

    The tipi looks like a great buy! I am sure you will have an Indian theme day before long and put Pocohontas Braids as my daughter says in Honor Mays hair!

    I now have a laptop and cannot find the apostrophy, so excuse my errors!

    I posted after a long break Olivias Fairy House! Do stop by and visit!