Wednesday, 24 February 2010

We are watching Masterchef right now. Hubby is talking at the tv like a real pro! Well, I suppose he is, really!

This afternoon I had to take Henry to the hospital for his appointment with the orthoptist. The history behind this is... I have a lazy, left eye. So has my grandad and uncle. My problem wasn't spotted until I was about 6 years old, during a routine eye test for children. I noticed, when Henry was a baby, that his left eye had a slight turn inwards. I mentioned this, and my family history to the health visitor and we were quickly referred to the orthoptist where my suspicions were confirmed. So Henry has been wearing glasses since he was just 18 months old! Yes. It has been quite a job getting such a young child to wear glasses. At least, it was in the beginning, though I suppose in more recent years it has been easier because he is used to them. The worst times were when he had his tantums and would fling his glasses across the room or just pull them so hard, snarling, until they snapped. Fortunately, the glasses came with a year's guarantee so they usually got replaced or fixed without too much extra expense. Now, Henry doesn't have the temper tantrums so often and if he is about to blow his stack, I quickly remove them! But, I think he is getting better at managing his temper (he hasn't broken anything, this way, for ages). And, today, the orthoptist announced that his vision has improved so much that it is likely he will be discharged after our next appointment in October. He will still have to wear glasses for a while but, it seems, our efforts, and catching it early, has paid off.

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