Friday, 12 February 2010


I'm having to post yesterday's news today because I've been having problems with viruses and stuff.
Snowmaggedon... it arrived much to Hubby's annoyance because he had to bring the kids back home again as school was shut! He did, however, get to go skiing in the afternoon along with Honor on her sledge. (Henry had to stay home as a result of not so good behaviour!) Before the outdoor fun we got some studying done. Well, they don't get out of it that easy! Honor worked very well on number sequencing and her Kumon. I also gave Henry some simple number sequences to complete. Both of them began with a Montessori style activity, completing sequences on a mat and then progressed to workbooks/sheets. After that, they played snakes and ladders together on the Numbertime website:

Then we made some heart shaped butter biscuits using this recipe The kids need to take them to school today to sell on the cake stall. The proceeds are going to the Haiti Earthquake Fund.

We then decorated our biscuits with pink icing and pink sugar sprinkles.


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