Saturday, 20 February 2010

I wasn't going to post tonight but Hubby told me to! He cooked for me tonight, again, and enjoys to read about how good his cooking is! (Hee, hee!).

I've been thinking how, erm, necessary, I suppose routine is in our lives, anyway, to get things done. Since I left work to have the kids, my attendence at Mass has been very up and down. I decided that during Lent I will go every week and hopefully this will get me back into the routine for making this happen permanently. Hubby is helping me so we've decided on going to Saturday evening Mass. Sunday has become a bit of a mad dash to catch up with things like making sure school and work stuff is ready for the Monday. So that is what we did this evening. It feels more relaxed, knowing that we are only half way through the weekend. Our son, Henry, is over at Grandma's for a sleepover (the first this year) and that also made the whole Mass experience more relaxed!!! When we got home, our big girl stayed up an extra hour with us and Hubby cooked me chicken livers in port. It was lovely, really! (He had Alpen!)

After the girls went to bed and we had dinner/Alpen, I relaxed by reading my favourite blogs. (And Hubby used his laptop to find out why his knee hurts. Cartilage failure? Patellofemoral pain syndrome or housemaid's knee? Boy, am I in trouble if it is the latter!) Anyway. On the Blessed and Busy blog, Heather writes about how she has a family games night. I think I'd like to copy this idea. We have lots of games in the house and yes, we play them from time to time, but as I was saying about the importance of having routine, we should actually schedule a regular time to do this....

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