Sunday, 21 February 2010

Farrow, Ball and Fractions.

This is why Hubby went out to get me a packet of paper plates the other day. I cut them up and used them to teach Honor some fractions concepts. We compared equivalent fractions, did addition with the same denominator and converted improper fractions.

Here she has made 2 whole plates and one quarter out of nine quarters.

Honor struggles at school with maths because a) she finds it hard to concentrate and follow a lesson amongst 30+ other kids and b) because in primary school, the curriculum moves very quickly on from the concrete to the abstract. Far too quickly, in my opinion! Pretty much from age 5 the children use manipulatives less and less and rely on computers more. My daughter finds maths much easier to understand when it is real. So I'm having to find the time to help her with this at home. She really enjoyed doing it and actually asks to do it (unlike her Kumon!)

This afternoon we went to a local antiques and flea market where I bought a little 1950's kitchen cupboard. Hubby wasn't keen on it but he let me have it and has promised to put it up for me next weekend. As I paid, the man selling it asked me if I was going to paint it. "Oh yes", I replied. (It does need a bit of a revamp). "What are you going to use?" he asked, "Farrow and Ball?" I was tempted to say "Oh no, B&Q!" but just mumbled that I hadn't decided yet. Farrow and Ball - my arse!!!!

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