Friday, 12 February 2010

Gratitude Friday.

1.) My big girl who, with her friends, took the initiative to raise money for the Haiti disaster and held a cake sale at school. They raised £85.
2.) Hearts. I've done a bit of Valentine decorating.

3.) Used cards. I've saved them and the kids recycled them to make Valentine cards after school. Here HM is making a birthday card for her friend who has her birthday on Valentine's Day.

4.) Seaside shapes and chips. 'Cos I can pop them in the oven and tea is done. No hassel.
5.) Dunelm Mill. I went there today and bought this red table runner for £6.99. I enjoy the music they play as I browse round. This afternoon they played 'We are detectives' by The Thompson Twins! Cool!!!!
6.) Hubby. He's not going to wait until Sunday to cook me a nice meal. He's gonna make me one right now. XXXX


  1. I LOVE those little reminders you give every now and then of the 80's. It sends me off on You Tube looking for a little trip down memory lane. I had forgotten A HA and once found them again played them over and over!!

    Happy Valentines! It is always a treat to get through the day with well behaved children.

    You asked a while back if I have a blog and I do. It is pretty mundane stuff and by invite only. It was mainly written for one person to read but every now and then I let someone else in to my life! I will invite you if I have your e-mail but cannot seem to find it.

  2. A-Ha are going their separate ways at the end of this year and playing their farewell concerts around the world. I really hope we get tickets to see them when they come to the UK.

    My e-mail is

    Hope you are having a good 2010 so far and not snowed in. It's a beautiful sunny day, here, today.

  3. I shall send you an invite to my blog (welcome to my world of teenagers!)

    2010 is going great so far. This will be my first year working full time since having children. It is a bit of a juggle to get the house stuff done and I am still trying to squeeze in 'me' time. That will hopefully happen in May! Summer is my creative/garden time so I am looking forward to that!

    We have not had too much snow this year. This morning I saw racoon pawprints in the fresh snow on our deck, which is a sign that Spring is on the way. I am ready for it now. Winter is LONG here! At least I drive home from work in the day light now!