Monday, 8 February 2010

Lunch time.

Well, it's not quite 'snowmaggedon' out there yet. I made it to Tesco by myself (and baby). I had quite a lot to get so I was hoping that the cashier would say to me "would you like any help with your packing?" like they usually do, and I always say "no". But not today. I was feeling very restricted, wearing about 10 jumpers and having the baby strapped to me, so a little help would not have been turned down. Unfortunately all she said was "do you need carrier bags?" and then looked very disapprovingly at me when I said "yes".

Anyway. It's nearly 2pm. Baby is having her nap so I'm going to have a break with this lunch: ham, tomato, onion and mayonnaise roll, apple and coffee and browse through this reading material. Yes, I bought 'Have a new kid by Friday' from Amazon and it arrived this morning. I think I first saw it recommended on one of the Faith and Family forums. Hubby and I have watched a few Youtube clips of Dr Kevin Leman. He is very entertaining and we've already tried out some of his suggestions. So now we can read it properly.
Nice and warm now. Mmmmmmmm

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