Monday, 22 February 2010

INSET day.

The half term break is extended into this week as the teachers have an Inset day. The weather maybe miserable but we have plenty to keep us busy including sowing these seeds.

The children want their own little gardening plots this year. HM practised her multiplication and fraction knowledge during this activity. She multiplied 8 x 5 to find the total number of cells and then divided the seeds into fifths.
Henry has some sea monkeys which hatched on Friday. Lisa bought them for his Christmas present. Honor wants some of her own and I said she could if she worked hard on her maths this week so it looks as though we'll be off to Pets at Home this afternoon!


  1. What is an inset day? I loved to growthigs when I was little and it was my dream to have my very own greenhouse! ( I never got one and now I long for my own'Potting Shed',the one with out pots but a lovely cozy place to retreat to!)
    I never had much luck growing things with my childen when they were little as the cats used to eat all the little seedlings!
    I think it is so good for children to learn how to grow, sew, cook, iron wash etc.

    I've been trying to blog about my yarn and knitting these last couple of days but it seems the computer keeps freezing on me. Very frustrating!

  2. An Inset day is in-service training for the teachers. So no kids allowed!

    Have you heard of Nigel Slater? His programme 'Simple Suppers' is about using up leftovers and things grown in the garden. It's nice for the kids to watch this and link growing food and cooking food together and then doing it for themselves.

    I wish I could knit. My mum tried to teach me but she'd run out of patience as I kept dropping stitches. My eldest daughter has started going to a knitting club at school... so maybe she'll teach me!

  3. Ohhh kay I see! We have PD days at school (Professional Developement Days)

    No, I have not heard of Nigel Slater. I shall google him!

    I learnt to knit as a child and then again properly as an adult because my Mum used to knit for the children all the time and I wondered who would knit for them if she died!!
    Then I went on to teach the children at school to knit and crochet and now I am teaching seniors!

    I have a little knitting poem for HM to remember her stitches.

    Each line is for each step.

    Under the fence,
    Catch the sheep,
    Back we go,
    and off we leap!!

    I also wondered what Pets at Home is?

  4. That's great! (The poem). I shall show her tomorrow.

    Pets at Home is a pet shop. Another chain. Your question has now got me thinking about how traditional, independent shops are disappearing and chains are taking over.