Sunday, 18 October 2009

Why Blog?

Somebody asked "what about?" when I first mentioned that I might do this.
I came across the first blog I ever started to follow a few years ago. I did a google search for some Montessori resources/ideas and up popped a blog by a lady from Dorset who homeschools her two girls. It's a fascinating way of life and I've been reading it ever since. Homeschooling seems to be a lot more popular in America and I now have a few more blogs relating to that, Montessori (of which I'm a big fan), and in general the kind of homelife that appeals to me, in my favourites. At some point, as I get to grips with how this all works, I'll attach the links to my favourite sites. From following these blogs, I've got lots of really good ideas for all sorts of things and and their authors share links to other useful websites.

So I think it's time I had a go. Hopefully, this blog will be a lovely record of the things our family do together as the children grow up as well as developing my IT skills!

There we go... my first post. A brief introduction to this blog. If it makes no sense, that's probably because I'm also trying to supervise two of the children who are model making and painting. I will post about that soon!

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