Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Day 2 of half term started with a lesson on.... half. Fractions and percentages is the topic of the week. The pictures show the kids finding different ways to cut a piece of paper into half. Henry's focus was to understand the meaning of half, recognise the symbol and write it while Honor worked out 50% or divided by 2 large numbers. Proof that you can successfully teach a mixed age class! Okay, okay, so I only have 2 pupils (so far!)
This afternoon we went to Wildwood. We are members. It only costs £5 per month, so, I think, it's well worth it. I forgot my camera, though, so no photos which is a shame because we got to see the grey heron close up and the beavers and the otters were out to play, too. The otters are my favourite - such characters. Hope really enjoyed it. She's noticing the animals now and kicks her legs excitedly. About three quarters of the way round (just can't stop talking about fractions!) Henry started to complain that he didn't feel well. He did feel hot and he's had a cold for the last couple of days so we came straight home and watched Ring of Bright Water - a lovely film based on the book about an otter by Gavin Maxwell. While we were watching, Honor asked me if the author was still alive so I looked him up on Wilkipedia. Turns out he was gay. So when he meets up with Virginia McKenna but turns to the otter and says "don't worry Mij, she's not my type" I understand what that was all about now! And, sadly, he died of cancer a few years later.

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