Wednesday, 21 October 2009

So proud!

My big girl was presented with The Children's Trophy at school today. This was for her contribution at the village fete this summer. As well as producing some art work for the show, she took part in the country and maypole dancing. She also made teas with the Brownies and had to keep changing her uniform, from Brownies to school, according to which role she was in! Well done Honor!
Next week I am taking the kids to the Gulbenkian Theatre to see Beneath the Banyan Tree. It's an Indian dance and puppet performance by 'Hullaballoo' about a girl who moves to England from India and is based around the fables of the Panchatantra. So, not knowing what they're all about, I ordered this CD rom from Amazon the other day. In fact, I think it was only two days ago and it arrived today. So we can get busy learning about these stories before we go.
Another thing that arrived today was Henry's Davy Crockett hat. He is wearing it in the picture while he does his Kumon.
I have to go now and help Henry make scotch eggs and Honor make Moroccan chicken, as seen on Nigel Slater last week. Wednesday is cooking day!

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