Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Little House.

I decided to name this blog 'Little House on the Lees' as a tribute to our family's favourite series. Honor read the book during the summer holidays and is now reading 'On the banks of Plum Creek'. We've also been watching the dvd box sets and are nearly at the end of series 2. When the kids come in from school, they do their Kumon, play for a bit or do an activity with me (Wednesday is cooking day) and then settle down to an episode of 'Little House' while I get dinner ready. They rarely watch any other tv now. I was happy for them to watch CBeebies, but as Honor got older she wanted to watch things like Tracy Beaker and Hannah Montanna which I find appalling and even more appalling was the attitude being copied by the kids. Henry still likes to watch Indiana Jones occasionally and is looking forward to the Star Wars films beginning again on tv this weekend. But 'Little House' remains regular viewing for all of us. Even I have managed to give up watching the soaps as I feel their constant presence in the house has a negative effect. Well, almost. I think I shall have to watch Eastenders this week - just to see Heather give birth to George Michael... and then, that is IT!!!!

Another one of my favourite blogs (see side bar) is Unplug your Kids. The author there doesn't watch any tv at all. Her blog is all about how her family get along without it and is full of good ideas for projects for children to get involved in.

And, today, I've included a couple of pics of Hope enjoying her banana breakfast and looking at a touch and feel book.

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