Monday, 19 October 2009

Parents Evening

Here we are off to Parents Evening at the school. I'm wearing my new Moby Wrap to carry the baby. When Honor was a baby, I was given a lovely, traditional pram. I had been looking forward to strolling around with that. At that time we were living in a tiny, terraced house in the country and my car was a little Vauxhall Corsa. Unfortunately, there was no room for that lovely pram in either the house or the boot of the car. It ended up at my Mum's house, cluttering up her hallway for the next few years. I would drive to her house, put Honor in it and then walk into town, along the stream, to look at the ducks. Inevitably, sometime along the way, Honor would start to 'hoo-haa'; cry until I got her out and I would then have to carry her in one arm and push the pram with the other. Over the years I've tried various other buggies, all-in-one combos etc and bought a bigger car, but by far the best move I ever made in all of this was to buy a Kari-me sling when Henry was born. I still use that and this time around I have bought two Moby Slings in pink and black which are a little more 'glamorous'!!!! The babies love it, hardly ever cry or fuss in it. They like to be close to Mummy and enjoy being up high so that they can see everything going on. By keeping the wrap tied on, all I have to do is whip baby out of her seat and straight into it. No messing about with assembling buggies! We often get stopped by people out and about who like to talk to the baby. In particular there is an old fella who I often see in the supermarket pushing his wife in a wheelchair. He always stops me for a look (and his name is Henry, too!) So if there is anyone reading this who is interested in getting one, I highly recommend them. There is a Kari-me and Moby website. I got my Moby slings from Sasa slings. They arrived the next day and postage was free.

So everything was fine at school. Honor is good at French. Tres bien Honor!!!!

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