Monday, 19 October 2009

Hey! I'm back! John and Edward are still in the X-Factor and my blog is still here....waddya know!

Brrrrrr! It was chilly this morning. I didn't have too good a nights sleep either. The baby sleeps in our room and last night she fussed quite a bit and I ended up feeding her at about 2am. About an hour later my big girl was up complaining about some pain or other. Fortunately, hubby is working from home today and got the big kids ready and walked them to school while baby and I went back to sleep for another hour. She is, usually, a very good baby, though. Our first two, and especially Henry, did not sleep well at all when they were babies. So when I was expecting Hope we decided to get an Amby hammock for her to sleep in. It mimics the feeling of being in the womb and when baby wakes up and starts to kick, the hammock bounces up and down, lulling them back to sleep. I had read lots of good reviews about it. Well Hope certainly is a much better sleeper, whether or not that is down to the hammock I don't know. It is very convenient, it fits nicely into the corner of the room and is portable, so we'll take it with us when we go on holiday.

She's back in bed now, after some cereal (she recently started on the solids) and a good wriggle around on the floor. I'm going to drink my camomile tea while I do my Sainsbury's shopping (on-line, of course). It's Parents Evening at school tonight - will blog about that later!
Go John and Edward!!!!! (Don't think they'll win - but I could see them being presenters like Brian Dowling or Mark and Sam.)

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