Thursday, 29 October 2009

More fractions and funny faces.

Continuing with the fractions and percentages work, Honor is working out questions relating to the fruit and bricks. She is pretty good with understanding maths concepts but seems to find memorising things like multiplication facts a lot harder which is such a shame because then she'd find this work a doddle. Henry can be seen matching reading cards to objects, focussing on colour words. He did this easily. The kids spent most of the rest of the day outdoors. It has been such a lovely, warm day. They played in the garden and made funny faces with the windfall apples. We popped over to Homebase because I want some more coat hooks put up in the hall for all their school stuff. However, there was nothing there I liked so we just enjoyed mucking about with the funny christmas toys that sing and dance when you press them. After that, we stopped at a really nice playground where they found a couple of other children to play with, collecting acorns and imagining they were characters from Fantastic Mr Fox. I attempted to get some much needed exercise by walking round the field with the baby as many times as possible. So now I can enjoy my Tesco value turkey leg, guilt free!

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