Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Aren't googly eyes brilliant?!

I'd have loved to have gone on Dragon's Den as the inventor of the googly eyes! Honor and Henry have come in from school to decorate their paper plates for a Halloween competition. I have had no input in their ideas. They just got on with it while I fed the baby. This is Honor's. Not a bad effort. Henry, while I was distracted, poured most of the new tube of glue that I bought from Staples this afternoon (costing me a whopping £2.53) into the tub of green paint. He then proceeded to put as much paint and glue and stuff on his plate as possible. No real design, I guess you'd call it expressive art? So whatever has managed to dry and is still in place by Thursday will get handed in. They are all going to be put up in the Village Hall for Friday's disco. I remember the ones made last year were fantastic.

And doesn't Hope look gorgeous in her pink hoodie that I bought from the craft fair on Saturday? Just love those little cat buttons!

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