Thursday, 10 December 2009

Good grief!

That last post was interrupted by the baby crying and the other two behaving so badly that I've just sent them to bed without tea. They're not going to starve to death. They had a cooked dinner at school and a snack when they came home. Originally, I was sending them to their rooms until tea was ready but they both went crazy, yelling, crying, refusing. Honor went to throw a cushion at me then thought better of it but they both went off screaming and banging things so I told them to get into their pyjamas. That was it! Henry is beside himself. I feel sorry for them but I really think I need to see it through. I can't even say "wait 'til your father gets home". Most of the time we get by nicely with the old positive reinforcement method but it is at times like this when enough is enough and there doesn't seem to be much you can do when they stand against you like that. Never mind child abuse, what about parent abuse?

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