Sunday, 13 December 2009

And the winner is...

OK. Hubby. You are probably in bed now. It has been an exhausting weekend for both of us in different ways, but I'm enjoying the perfect antedote right now. Sir Paul McCartney performing Live and Let Die on the X-Factor final. Maybe it is just as well you are not here 'cos you know what I'd be saying. "Let's get the karaoke out". Then you'll say "no. It's Sunday." Well. We don't have enough special effects anyway. The stage was exploding all around him. BRILLIANT!

Anyway. Here it comes. I voted for Olly in the end but don't mind who wins.
Lines are closed.
The spotlight is on Dermot.
The 'OLD SPICE' theme is booming.

This IS it...

The winner of the X-Factor 2009 is....


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