Friday, 11 December 2009

Not amused.

Well the kids survived their early night without tea! And Henry was bending over backwards to please this morning. (I went up to check on him half an hour later with a glass of milk but he was already asleep, so maybe a good night's sleep did him good). Honor still needs to work on her attitude though. I left today's Kumon by her bed last night with a note saying that if she got it done before school, we could have an evening off with a DVD and few treats. So when I came into her room, she had started but it took a lot of nagging again to get it finished. Henry, of course, did his in 5 minutes, ate his breakfast, got washed, dressed, made his bed, made Honor's bed!!!, without any nagging at all. Honor, on the other hand, expects everything to be done for her and was expecting me to provide tinsel for her hair at short notice as she had suddenly decided that she is in the choir and wanted to go to their carol concert this morning. So we had to get to school early so that I could speak to a teacher, get permission, sign a consent form and then run home and back again with a booster seat! I know! You have to be cruel to be kind. I'll have to stop all this and start letting the kids sort themselves out a bit more, after all, when I eventually go back to work, they're gonna need to be a bit more self-sufficient.

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