Monday, 21 December 2009

I felt a bit 'off' today. Not sure if it was too much mulled wine last night or the bug that's going around. Hubby made us drink it because I was forcing him to watch 'About a Boy' for the umpteenth time. Hugh Grant is on his very long list of people and things he dislikes. So cracking open the mulled wine was supposed to make it better! I have another pan on the stove now as we're waiting for the in-laws to arrive and have a little drink and mince pie. Think I'll stick with a cup of tea, though. Honor has been helping me arrange the cakes on the table and has enjoyed decorating them with little sprigs of holly. The 'boys' have gone out in Daddy's little blue sports car to get more washing-up liquid (dishwasher is still out-of-order). Going to Tesco can be treat when you get to go in a sports car. I hardly ever get to go in it as it only has two seats!
This morning I popped up the town myself for a few last minute bits and treated myself to this pretty floral plate and chicken cup and saucer from the charity shop. The old ladies on the till got themselves in a muddle with their adding up - which they always do! Good job my mental arithmetic is sharp, thanks to practising Kumon every day! The kids have been painting and colouring in their prayer books that we got at the Christmas fair last weekend.

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