Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Homemade lip balm

The children are preparing little gift baskets for Christmas which will contain the little homemade soaps that they have been making, face flannels and today they had a go at making some lip balm to be included. The ingredients they used were:
beeswax pellets (2 tablespoons)
sweet almond oil (4 tablespoons)
chocolate and strawberry flavourings (a few drops)
The beeswax pellets and almond oil were measured out and mixed in small jugs. We used jugs so that the children could work independently of each other and it made pouring the mixture easier. Then I heated the mixture in the microwave for a few minutes until it became completely liquid. The jugs and mixture were very hot at this point so we had to be very careful. Honor added a few drops of strawberry flavour to her mixture and Henry added chocolate to his.
Then they carefully poured the mixture into small pots.
After about 15 mins, the mixture solidified.

I bought the beeswax pellets and flavourings from a specialist company called justasoap online. We originally followed an online recipe that stated using the beeswax and oil at a 50:50 ratio, but the end product turned out a bit too solid. So I melted them all down again this time doubling the proportion of oil and that made them softer and easier to apply.


  1. That is funny, interesting and cool!

  2. Wow, what good looking kids!