Thursday, 16 December 2010

The gift basket

So here is one of the finished gift baskets for Christmas. This one is for Henry's teacher. It contains some homemade soap, homemade chocolate flavoured lip balm (see previous post for how to make it) and a face flannel. This one has Best Teacher on it and was bought at a craft fair.
A little wooden dish is lined with some sparkly, red tissue. You cannot really see it sparkle in the picture. Then we added some rose petal confetti and covered the basket in clingfilm. Hope she likes it!


  1. I would love one of those from my kids for Christmas xx

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  3. I received TONS of gift baskets for Christmas this year, but they didn't beat the Calgary gift baskets that my wife sent me from Canada. She's still there, actually, but she said she'll be home before the year ends. She also told me that she met some really great florists in Calgary, and she got their contact details. I think she's considering them for my parents' anniversary this coming February.