Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - the highlights.

So goodbye 2010. Here are my highlights:
1.) On New Years' Day we saw David Tennant regenerate into Matt Smith in Dr Who. Would I still like this programme?, I wondered. Well, yes and have enjoyed watching the new series with the kids for a change. They love it too and thankfully, BBC3 have been showing the whole Tennant saga too for our double enjoyment. The kids got sonic screwdrivers for Christmas and have had a great time zapping everyone and everything with them.
2.) Our holiday in Norfolk gave us the amazing experience of seeing seals in their natural habitat. The boat trip was very cold and wet, but well worth it.
3.) My best friend Lisa is truly a wonderful friend. She came to babysit for us when Hubby and I went to see A-Ha for the final time in Brighton. For her birthday, I took her to the local spa where we enjoyed the sauna, hot tub, pool and picnic... and a really good chat!
4.) This was an impromptu night out for a meal with the little girlies. A lovely evening out, but also the night we learned that the boy next door had died.
5.) This is me outside The Brighton Centre. A fantastic night out with my 4 favourite guys!

I have to go and set off a lantern with Hubby now. Midnight is nearly here.
Happy New Year!

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