Saturday, 11 December 2010

The dining table makeover.

I've been thinking about getting a new dining table. I've seen a nice, big pine, farmhouse style one that I like. But then I wondered if we had enough space for it. And then thought about the damage that the kids cause on a regular basis. The reason I got this second hand pine one was because I wouldn't have to be too concerned about the glitter, glue and other mess made on it. But I'd been thinking it looked tatty. A few months ago I revarnished it, but it soon looked tatty again. I recently painted the fire surround white and then later on - inspired by the Cherry Menlove blog painted our dark dresser. Pleased with the results and how light the room now looks, I was also tempted to paint the dining table. Cherry Menlove has done this and hers looks fab. So I thought I might as well give it a go. I like it. I'm not sure if it will stay nice for long. Somebody has already accidentally drawn on it with pencil. It does wipe clean easily and I have the leftover paint handy for when I need to touch up. I also brought in an old white bench from the garden which was in a really sorry state. So I have painted that too and plopped a few cushions on it for the kids to sit on. The Christmas tree is up now and we certainly could not fit in a bigger table now. But if, next year I find it is too high maintenance, I'll reconsider buying a new one. For now, though, we'll make the most of what we have.

If you fancy looking at some really splendid makeovers, take a look at the Cherry Menlove site:


  1. This is the post I have been trying to comment three times with no luck!
    I went through the same table dilema( my table could be sisters to yours!)and bought a new table and oh how I miss being able to paint on it and glue and craft and not worry. I've actually out it in my craft room and I'm very happy to use it again.

    Your table looks lovely in white. Mine never got re-painted!

    Keep it!

    Now lets see if this will post this time....