Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Well, Cineworld does have its' advantages. Aside from its' extortionate prices, for entry and refreshments, it does allow you to take your baby in. Today is the last day of the hols (sniff) and the kids' godmother treated us to go and see Toy Story 3D. Our local, independent cinema does not allow under 3's in at all so I thought the babe and I wouldn't be able to join the outing. But it was fine (as long as I would take her outside if she cried) and they have baby changing facilities too. We rarely go to the cinema and we have never seen a 3D movie before. We had to buy special glasses. The effects have come a long way since the old days with the red and blue lenses. I was quite impressed. I might even take Hubby to see Pirahna 3D next. That should be fun!

Before our outing we popped out to collect some roof felt. About 2 years ago I joined an internet site called Freecycle. The purpose of this site is to reduce waste by getting people to offer unwanted stuff for free to others instead of taking it to the tip. Yesterday a man offered this roof felt and we needed some to repair our shed roof so I asked for it. The guy received 11 email requests but he picked me! Yippee. So I'm hoping Hubby will be impressed. The chap's wife needs a couple of bumbos (little moulded baby seats) for her twins. I have one in the loft so I'm going to give that to her. 'Tis a good system.

Now I'm having a quiet 5 mins after getting the kids all ready for school tomorrow. Plimsolls - check. Lunches - check. Pencil cases stocked up - check. Have I forgotten anything?

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