Sunday, 12 September 2010

Henry's birthday.

So it's been a busy weekend. Hubby returned from two weeks away in Alaska for our 'obese' son's 6th birthday. Henry was born on the 11th of September 2004. The midwife commented that this would be a date to remember for obvious reasons. But like any other day, births are celebrated and the departed are mourned. This weekend we celebrated and counted our blessings. This little man is growing up fast and is a little guy to be very proud of.
We had a party for him. Godmother Lisa came with one of her nieces but the rest of the guests were boys for a traditional boys party. Lots of rough n tumble and climbing and swinging on things. Er, yes, Hubby, but I meant the little boys!

I split them into teams. (I like a bit of competition.) The green arrows and the blue arrows were given numbers. They were not allowed to speak or hold up fingers but get themselves into numerical order. The green arrows stood around looking bewildered but before I knew it, the blue arrows had completed their task by stamping their feet to each other.

Hubby took over the next bit... making bows and arrows and having a bit of an archery contest.

We had a pass-the-parcel (I think the grown-ups enjoyed this bit the most - see previous post), some food and Henry received some fabulous presents.
Now, Ma and Pa are getting over it with a kebab and glass of wine. (And more you-tube clips... Hubby is on to Charlie's Angels now. Sooooo intellectual!)

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