Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Penultimate day of holidays

Today has been the penultimate day of the summer holiday.
We went to Wildwood again. This time without clipboards or any agenda. Just passing the time. But the kids are brainwashed and immediately, as we pulled into the car park, Honor announced that we had parked diagonally and as we walked to the entrance she was busy identifying right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles. NO KIDDING! There was absolutely no prompting from me. And Henry was attempting to read all the signs on the way round too.

Probably, one of the most interesting exhibits there are the adders. However it is usually quite hard to see them in their enclosure as they are well camouflaged and prefer to hide themselves under the logs. Today it was lovely and warm and we were lucky enough to see all five of them. Little Hope loves looking at the snakes and making the hissing noises. Poor Henry had a bit of an accident though. He tends to race around alot and not watch where he is going so he soon ended up flat on his face and covered in dirt. He completely freaks out when he sees blood and unfortunately he sustained a bit of a cut on his knee. I didn't have any plasters with me, just some baby wipes (I got him to keep the offending wound covered with one of those for a bit) and some tea tree oil.

After Wildwood, we stopped for a walk along the seafront at Whitstable. I was hoping to get some seafood there like we had at Blakeney Quay, Norfolk , on our holiday. In Norfolk there was no shortage of little seafood stands selling reasonably priced portions of shellfish. I still often think of the delicious crab sandwich I had when we got off the boat from the seal trip. It just cost about £2. At Whitstable, there are loads of eateries but I couldn't find any modestly priced snack food. I ended up buying a small tub of crab meat with the intention of making my own sandwich at home, but that set me back £4.65 and a small bottle of dandelion and burdock put the price up to over £6. Whitstable is a lovely place but a bit of a rip off, in my humble opinion.
The weather was lovely (and free!) for sitting on the beach while the kids paddled and joined in with some other children who were crabbing.

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