Wednesday, 22 September 2010

He's 'armless!

Poor Henry. He broke his wrist in P.E. yesterday.
I kept him at home today so he could recover a little. He was so tired from the hospital experience, plus there's a bit of maintenance and exercise to monitor in the first 48 hours after this type of injury.

But we did do a little bit of 'work'! Here, Henry is doing a Montessori style spelling activity (no writing required!) He places the objects from the first tray onto his mat and uses the wooden letters from the second tray to spell them out. I don't have a lovely, expensive, authentic Montessori moveable alphabet with tray, so I have a couple of packets of wooden 'creation station' letters (about £2.99 a packet) and I put out the letters needed on an ordinary tray. Maybe 'somebody' might make me a nice compartment box for them (hint, hint!)
Then I gave him some Kumon addition to do. He can still write as he is left handed. I went out into the garden (it was boiling hot!) to do some much needed clearing in the borders. I have some daffodil bulbs I need to plant.
When I went in to check how Henry was getting on with his maths, he really hadn't got very far. So I invited him to come outside. There were quite a few rampant brambles that needed removing but were laden with blackberries. Shame to let them got to waste. Henry was happy to pick them and do lots of practical counting and addition in the process.

Yesterday I was flicking through my 'Delia Smith's Frugal Food' cookery book when a recipe for blackberry cheesecake caught my eye. I discussed the idea of trying out this recipe with Henry. It was clear that we'd need a lot more blackberries, so we went for another country walk and picked 2 good tubs full. I still need some ginger biscuits and curd cheese, so, hopefully we'll finish this task off tomorrow... yum, yum!
And this is Henry playing with his new scalelectrix with little Hope joining in the fun. He was so kind and patient when she kept getting up and walking on the track! Such a lovely brother.

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  1. How is the wrist ? It is amazing how well kids heal. You may or maynot have read my blog when Olivia broke her arm Dec 2008. 2 years later both bones have healed and are amazingly strong with no aches or pains. Incredible!