Sunday, 12 September 2010

They're not just pretty boys!

Last night, Hubby and I were up 'til midnight saving theme tunes from you-tube to play as music for the pass-the-parcel for Henry's birthday party. We saved Henry's (and Daddy's)favourite classics such as Dr who, Pirates of the Carribean, Raiders of the Lost Ark and James Bond but we found ourselves getting carried away, down memory lane, listening/watching The Dukes of Hazzard, The A-Team and Miami Vice. I have just posted the link to Crockett's theme. I loved Miami Vice in the Eighties and when Henry was due to be born (he's my second baby), I got prepared for the dreaded 2am feeds by buying a Miami Vice DVD to watch to try to make them a little more pleasant. Well, when Honor (my first) was born, I was subjected to repeats of 'Trisha'! I do like Jan Hammer and at one time had the album Escape from Television. I'd like to get this again. Didn't go too much on the Colin Farrell movie remake though. Well if it ain't broke...

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