Friday, 2 July 2010

Hope was coming to the end of her morning nap when I found a guest in the study. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large colander and trapped our slippery visitor, just for a few minutes... for educational purposes. After quickly looking up the baby sign for 'frog' on 'you-tube', I brought Hope down to meet a new friend. "Mummy found a frog" I said, while enthusiastically wiggling my fingers under my chin. I lifted the colander to reveal this exciting creature. Hope smiled amd even giggled approvingly... until the critter jumped.
Then I had to take some blog photos jolly quick before blowing into Hope's face to prevent her from passing out.
Oh well.

Yes, the weather has stayed nice 'n hot. Yes we did leave the World Cup in embarrassing disgrace. Yes, I can still smile and say 'hello' to the German mums at the kids school, even though one of them overtook me with her pushchair the other day. Yes, I get it. We are too slow!!!
Terrible fans that we are, we gave up at half time and went down the garden to play in the pool. Time much better spent in my opinion.
Hubby decided, on account of the weather, that it would be a good time to take some annual leave. Plans were put in place to do things... ie: take down the wonky shed, build a tree house and take some 'Mummy and Daddy time' to go and have a lunch somewhere quiet together, before the big kids break up for the summer hols.
Well. The wonky shed is still there and there is still no tree house in the 'Lost Garden of Hooligans', but we did make it to this lovely pub 'The Albion' on the creek front for some nachos.


  1. I was amused to see your photo of your frog on your blog beacause we have been up to our trailer this weekend and we have a resident toad. Last year we noticed him sitting in our flower bed and yesterday he hopped away when we walked by. Today I saw him totally burying himself in the cedar chips by my hosta. I left a large bowl of shallow water for him when we left and gave him a good water as he was a long way from any where wet and the weather is scorching! I tried to take a photo but had little luck as he was quite camoflaged!
    Frogs and toad are wonderful little creatures for children to experience.To have one come to visit you at home is very exciting!

    You know the best laid plans do not always happen and sometimes it is just as nice to take the day (or days ) as they come. We tend to rush , rush rush too much especially with children we often forget the simple pleasure of being with a partner. Enjoy!

  2. You are so right, ACP! I used to get quite frustrated when I was teaching that there was so much rush, rush, rush and little time to be spontaneous and just 'stand and stare' - to borrow a line from WH Davies.
    It's great to have this time at home with the children so that we can do just that. I envy the homeschoolers that they can do it all the time.
    Looking forward to the Summer hols.