Sunday, 11 July 2010

'Beach' project.

Recently the kids and I visited Westgate Beach and collected loads of large razor clam shells for the purpose of making the candle holders featured in the book 'Homemade' by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson. The shells had been sitting in a bag on the hall windowsill for a few weeks so when I saw 'Mom Unplugged' (see sidebar for link) has a beach project challenge, I thought it was time we got on with making them.
I washed the shells thoroughly and divided them up into piles for Honor and Henry. They had to arrange the shells around a candle in layers, which was quite fiddly to start with.

We tied the string around them and continued squeezing in as many more as we could until....

...they looked like this. Very nice, I think and the children enjoyed making them.
I can think of two special ladies who have birthdays in August. Perhaps the children could make some more during the school holidays as gifts for them.

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