Sunday, 18 July 2010

Posh paint.

One of my guilty pleasures is flicking through the pages of Country Living magazine. Nice pictures. Very nice houses, though I think a lot of the owners spend silly money on their things. In one picture I was admiring somebody's tablecloth... until I saw that the fabric was listed as being £156 per metre!!! Perhaps it was a misprint. Surely no-one would spend that amount just to have gravy and ketchup slopped all over it? The other thing about these houses is nobody ever paints with anything other than Farrow and Ball, do they? I roll my eyes every time I see 'walls painted in Farrow and Ball something or other'. Surely B&Q one coat would do the job just as well?
Last week I decided that enough was enough. The wardrobe in the hall was too dark looking and the front door - just too dirty looking and perhaps a coat of light, cream paint would sort it out. Browsing in Homebase, I decided to skip past the value brands and give 'Crown's Period Colour - Parsonage Cream' a try. I have to say I'm quite pleased with the result. It does seem to have a nicer finish than the usual paint I buy and people have commented on how much nicer the hallway looks.

So I have decided that as I don't really like this fire surround, it is too dark for the room, I'm going to paint it. I was going to get another colour from the 'Crown' range but was drawn towards the Farrow and Ball range on the shelf next to them. Is it really worth the extra few quid? I wondered. Well, I'm about to find out!

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