Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Shame that there is no picture to go with this post. I disturbed a baby grass snake by our pond today, but it got away too quickly. How very exciting, though, and Hope didn't go into shock either. She just hissed enthusiastically. There are loads of little baby frogs in the pond right now, so plenty of food for our reptilian friends.

Honor and Henry (and I) have been very busy preparing end of term projects for school. They have had to produce 'All About Me' presentations for their new teachers and they are to be presented tomorrow when they have a transition day. My blog keeping has come in handy as there are so many photos available to illustrate what goes on around here! It's been a bit of a rush to finish though and with Honor also having to produce a scrapbook on her dream destination 'Florida' for her 'Seasons' Brownie badge. I'm just a little bit stressed!

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