Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Job done.

Well, I like it. Can't say that it appears to be any better than the 'Crown, Period' paint that I used in the hall, though.
I painted it yesterday, which turned out to be a very busy day and not altogether a very pleasant one either. Very sadly, my neighbour died. The children were upset by this news as they often chatted to her over her garden wall and she used to get her dog to bring them out packets of crisps in its' mouth!
And Hope stood on a rusty nail. I had to move a bucket of rubbish that was due to go in the log burner and a piece of wood fell out that had a rusty nail poking out of it. I forgot to pick it up straight away and poor Hope stood on it with her bare feet. The other 2 kids were brilliant at assisting me with the first aid but then I wasn't sure if I should get it looked at professionally. I couldn't bear the thought of going through the 'hospital' palava, but couldn't bear the thought of something worse developing even more. So I took the baby to the local hospital, to their minor injuries clinic (which is under threat of closure). I thought babies got priority in the triage system, but no. We had to wait over an hour, baby crying and getting hotter, and more tired. Eventually we were seen by a foreign nurse who did nothing except get surprised that she could walk:
Nurse: She's not walking yet though.
Me: Yes, she does walk.
Nurse: What? Already? How old is she?
Me:15 months
Nurse: And she can walk already? That's unusual.
Well. I just wanted to get out of there fast after that. I looked at her badge and it said 'advanced nurse'.
So poor Hope went through all that for nothing. Hopefully her foot will be ok. I'll keep an eye on it.

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