Thursday, 29 July 2010

Free fun at Sheerness.

I've been having internet problems this week so not been able to blog for a few days, but we are enjoying the summer holidays so far.

I'm always on the look out for cheap, if not free, fun for the kids (and me!)

A few days ago, I took the children to the Isle of Sheppey, Sheerness to be precise, where there are some good, free, facilities for families. On the seafront, apart from the obvious seaside, there is a very nice sandy play area and paddling pool. There is also good facilities for older children, for their bikes and skateboards.

We had a good couple of hours fun here and will definitely go back again.
Today we visited Shorne Woods Country park. I forgot my camera but, again, all we had to pay was £2 for the car park. The kids loved the adventure play area there and Honor did very well using a map to follow one of the easier set trails there. They also do activities like pond dipping which cost a few extra quid. We might do some of that next time and I'll have to remember the camera.

This is just a picture of little Hope in a really cool outfit from Auntie Janice!


  1. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog.I found you through a comment on Sarah Sellers and have been reading since. Nikki.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Nikki. Sarah Sellers is the first blog I came across and have been reading it for a few years now. Do you homeschool, and are you from the UK?

  3. Hi,I live just outside London, but in a few years we want to move to the countryside - not quite sure where though.I don't homeschool, although it's something that we are seriously thinking about as my 9 yr old son has never settled into school.He is dyslexic and has hypermobility,so he finds it very stressful.