Saturday, 7 August 2010

About vegetables.

We have just returned from a little camping holiday in Norfolk. I shall post about that later. This post is just to comment on a couple of other blogs I have been looking at. Having just been down to the veg patch to pick some curly kale to go with the corned beef pie that Mum left us for dinner, I wanted to look up what I could be sowing now for later on. My tiny plot (see sidebar for link) gives advice on planting potatoes to be ready for Christmas. I like the idea of growing now what we'll have with our Christmas dinner so I think I'll give that a try. I've also just been looking at Salt and Chocolate. Mary Beth and her children have set up a lovely little veg stall outside their home to sell off the glut of produce from their garden. We barely seem to grow enough to feed ourselves so we won't be doing that but I'd love it if others from our neighbourhood did this. My nextdoor neighbour had a plant stall for a while and I enjoyed going to get little bargains there. I have also seen eggs and honey for sale at a couple of houses too. I was talking to one lady who lives nearby and she says that even though she freezes a lot of it, she gets a lot of extra produce and in the past some people have had little stalls like this but, unfortunately, money got stolen and the weights and measures police have also interfered. That is such a shame. I'd love to go pottering around the village to buy things from the neighbours. Much more pleasurable (and tasty, I'll bet) than fighting my way around Tesco's. My next-door-neighbour did have the smart idea, though, of leaving envelopes to put our money straight through the door.

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  1. It's such an enterprising thing for people to grow extra and set up a stall (here in Texas we call them stands). This year we hardly even tried to have a garden; of the 4 heirloom tomato plants, we only got 2 tomatoes. It's been awfully hot and I haven't felt like doing anything out there. However, watermelons and cantaloupes grow beautifully in our local soil and we've bought some really wonderful melons from local farmers.