Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The sun always shines in a photo.

Last night I was off to the WI again. This time for a digital photography masterclass. The speaker had loads of fabulous pictures that he had taken there on display for us to look at and part of his demo was to show us what can be achieved through applications like photoshop. For me the most interesting aspect of the talk was probably the more personal/historical side to it. Hearing about how his father started out in photography in the early 1900's with one of those wooden fold out cameras (a bit like our caravan, really) and sharing his skill and knowledge with his son. But the pictures, too, were of particular interest to me. Lots of interesting, atmospheric landscapes. Some from just around the corner. Some from corners of the globe I'd be lucky to view in real life.
This may seem a bizarre connection but I have been an A-Ha fan for many years. Of course for the music. Not at all for the pretty Norweigan musicians(!) When I was 15 years old, Dad bought me the 'Scoundrel Days' album. I still often listen to this album but back then, when I should have been revising for my O'Levels, I would sit in my bedroom, with the music playing, sketching the amazing scenery from the album cover. (Oh, and Morten Harket's profile!). Their more recent 'Foot of the Mountain' video is also breathtaking to watch with some cool effects and so I have posted it to this blog. Not that I need an excuse.
Finally, Hubby and I have tickets to see A-Ha on their final tour in November. Brilliant!

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