Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Day

Oh wow! What a day. Actually I got up pretty late today. Hubby left me in bed and looked after the kids so when I finally dragged myself out of bed and came downstairs at 11 o'clock, I found that Kate and Wills and everyone else had started without me! How rude!
So we watched Kate Middleton and Prince William get married on the telly and late afternoon we went round to Hubby's parents for a celebration tea.

It is compulsory, at times like this, to don a silly wig, hat or deely boppers, or all 3, put up some bunting and balloons and have a jolly good time!

We had a little drive around the town afterwards to look for signs of other celebrations so that I could share some images with you. Most of the street parties had already cleared away, but I caught this one just packing up.
Did you watch the wedding today? I hope you enjoyed the day.

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