Wednesday, 13 April 2011

More simple than Nigel

Not the most ambitious cookery project, but you can't beat chocolate crispie cakes for a bit of simple fun for the kids. We have all been enjoying the Nigel Slater Simple Suppers programme on BBC on Sundays. The kids sit glued to the TV with their tongues hanging out like a couple of labradors waiting for their pedigree chum and talked excitedly about the recipes that they were going to make which included beetroot seed cake and beer and beef. Well, I'm sure we'll get round to that soon but for now we got out the boxes of cereals and made these cakes.
But first they did a bit of maths practise. Here is Henry tracing shapes. I recently subscribed to a website called wondrous worksheets and I really like their simple, easy to use worksheets. Honor is learning how to find percentages so I keep printing out the sheets from this site to reinforce this skill.

Then we got into the kitchen and got all chocolatey!
And I made some heart shaped parmesan and goats cheese biscuits.

This afternoon we got our bikes out. I am trying to get used to a) riding a bike again and b) riding a bike with little Hope on the back. We managed to get as far as the local dairy farm where the farmer let us into one of the cow sheds to see the baby calves. AAaaaahhhhhh!
As my legs get stronger, I hope to cycle longer distances and use less petrol which is now very expensive.

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