Friday, 15 April 2011

Minor injuries and museums.

It is the Easter holidays and the kids and I have been exploring various different play areas. Honor and Henry really make the most of these chances to play but with little Hope in tow, the fun has been short lived because when she gets tired and cranky, we have to pack up and leave. The older kids have been extremely gracious about this and came as soon as they were called. Today we were lucky because Hubby worked from home. (Actually, he had a suspected broken wrist and was waiting for an opportunity to go to the local minor injuries clinic to get it x-rayed...)
So while he was home, I was able to take Honor and Henry out by themselves.
We went to Herne Bay where they played at a seaside park and on the beach without interruption...
... and to a coffee shop for a knickerbocker glory!

Then we went to the museum to learn about fossils.

When we got back, Hubby and Henry went to minor injuries. Hubby had an x-ray, but it seems that the wrist is badly bruised. He can't clean the toilet for a couple of weeks!
Actually, yesterday, the kids and I took part in a little modelling project. My cousin is an editor of a local health magazine. She was putting together a poster to educate the public in using alternative health providers to A&E, for example, minor injuries, pharmacists etc. I had to pose as a gardener, with gloves, hat and trowel grimacing, rather unflatteringly with back pain. Henry looked very gorgeous with his skateboard feigning a sprain and Honor looked pretty in a flowery dress pretending to have been stung by a bee. We took one of those 'buzzy bee' flowerpot decorations as a prop, but it was declared 'too cheesy'! My uncle modelled the diy disaster, pretending to hit his thumb with a hammer. When I told him that Hubby was planning to go to A&E about his wrist, he suggested a local minor injuries surgery that had an x-ray facility. I never knew! Good advice, Uncle Ken!

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  1. Too bad hubby cannot clean the toilet for a while...maybe you will just have to get him dusting instead!lol
    Herne-Bay believe it or not is one of my favourite places! I have lots of good memories from living on Mortimer Street as a rebellious teen at 16 years old! I MISS the sea SO much and used to love standing on the sea front on a stormy night. It is the best place for children, lovely and quiet and lots of space to play.
    I had forgotten about Sea Urchins until just this week when my eldest was looking for fish to buy for his salt water tank and found them. I used to have a sea urchin fossil but unfortunately it was one of those things that got lost along the way.
    I's nice t have time off at Easter. Our children do not get any extra time off except Friday and Monday.

    So, Happy Easter to all!