Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Salsa, baby, yeah!

Maybe it is because I'm nearly 40 that I'm prompted to try out new things like crochet and, er, salsa dancing. Or maybe it is because I'm just jolly good fun!
Last week I spotted an ad for a beginners salsa class in the local paper. Hubby and I had been looking for something like this for a while... a kind of date night that we can also keep fit at the same time. (Oh, behave!)
So there it was.
I got Grandma to babysit and we drove off, stopping at Tesco for some milk along the way. When we got back in the car we considered driving straight back home again. But these opportunities don't come along often, so we went for it. Just one parking space left on the road. There were no more excuses to turn back.
We thought we were quite safe, comfortable, having each other as dance partners. But after the first practise, we were ordered to move around and so had to dance in the end with, er, everyone!
I found learning the routines a bit difficult. I don't think the routines were difficult. I think it was just me and having to dance with strange men was, I'll be honest, a bit scary! Hubby looked a bit terrified, too!!!
It is not a dance for the womens' libbers. It is all about the man leading the lady, at least that is what they told us. She has to follow his movements and he gets to, well, push her about a bit! I think, though, that we enjoyed it and may go back again...


  1. Oh you are brave!!! I am not quite sure I would feel comfortable so close to another man that was not my hubby! Weird! Did you get used to it??
    It really is good to get out together though, something we tend not to do often enough! Congratulations!