Sunday, 20 March 2011

A bit of a moan

Apologies to anyone who may actually read this blog and may be wondering where I've got to. (Got your message ACP!) Just having a few problems. The main one being that my 'puter appears to have picked up another virus and so haven't been able to blog or pick up emails or anything! Computers are great when they work but it doesn't do to be reliant on them. Hubby has been away in South Africa too so he couldn't help with this problem, or the big hole in the kitchen ceiling caused by a leaky pipe in the bathroom or with the kids after my back gave way last Monday! He is back now and stressing over my laptop while I borrow his to catch up on a few things. He has made the bathroom look nice, too.

I have a few pics to post when I eventually get sorted out. Hopefully soon.

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