Thursday, 31 March 2011

Still here.

I am still here. Been a bit busy lately, er, watching the Rocky series of films on ITV4 over the last week. Up to Rocky V. They are quite good films, aren't they? I enjoyed watching them back-to-back. It was like watching one long, continuous story. OK, so, as Hubby puts it, Rocky 4 (the Dolph Lungren one) did turn into a bit of a pop video. And he didn't like Rocky V at all! But I enjoyed the saga. It's quite old fashioned really. Maybe not quite 'Little House', but the family values are there and the message about material wealth not being the be all and end all. I was surprised that Rocky didn't win back his fortune at the end, being Hollywood 'n all. But there it is. A bit more like real life, I suppose. I haven't seen '6' yet. Maybe he gets it all back then. I find the sport of Boxing a bit shocking though. I don't know how accurate the boxing scenes are, but belting someone around the head so violently seems a bit, er, bad, innit???!!!
Now ITV4 have run out of Rocky films to show, they are playing other Stallone films. 'Demolition Man' is on tonight. Now that's totally made-up, isn't it? Funny!

I've also been watching 'Jamie's Dream School'. Very entertaining. Jamie Oliver (the chef) has set up a school for 20 pupils who left school without the recommended 5+ GCSE's, grade C and above. (50% of pupils leave schol in this position!) They are particularly challenging pupils and Jamie has hired famous, inspirational figures such as Rolf Harris to teach art, Prof. Robert Winston to teach science and actor Simon Callow to teach drama. I think it highlights how difficult teaching has become because of the effects of (to quote Al Murray) 'broken Britain' . And it shows that teaching is a profession and requires a special type of person with special skills to do it. These 'teachers' are excellent in their fields, but they aren't necessarily equipped to educate children; not with ease, anyhow.

It is Hope's 2nd birthday on Saturday and when I can tear myself away from the TV, I must get something organised!
'Be well!'

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